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Tokyo Museum Gives Fossil Exhibit From Pokemon Games Incredibly Accurate Recreation

A collaboration between the Pokémon Company and museums across Japan has given fans of the franchise the opportunity to see “real” Pokémon fossils.

The Pokémon Company has announced a collaboration with the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, where Pokémon fossils have been recreated in stunning detail and are now on display.

The National Museum of Nature and Science normally houses informative exhibits on Japan’s natural history, but for a few months in 2022 it will host a massive exhibit on the fictional natural history of the Pokémon world. Originally unveiled in 2021, the Pokémon Fossil Museum exhibit features life-size statues of Pokémon like Omanyte and Aerodactyl, built with attention to detail. True to its name, the exhibit also includes Pokémon skeletons made to look like the fossilized remains of real animal skeletons.

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The Pokémon Fossil Museum is a traveling exhibit, and its stay at the National Museum of Nature and Science will end in June 2022. The exhibit is scheduled to open at the Toyohashi Museum of Natural History from July 16 to November 6. , as well as the Oita Prefectural Museum of Art from December 10 to January 24, 2023. The exhibit’s Pokémon models and simulated Pokémon fossils will act as a somewhat natural fit for museums of history and art. art.

While the Pokémon Fossil Museum is charming and impressive on its own, it’s also a clever homage to a fundamental aspect of the Pokémon series. Fossils have played an important role in video games since the very beginning, introduced in Generation One as an unconventional opportunity to add one of three Pokémon to the player’s party. These three Pokémon (Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl) are represented in the museum in the form of statues. Fossils have returned in almost every subsequent generation of Pokemon except for Generation II.

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In addition to the models featured in the Pokémon Fossil Museum promotional video, audiences can also spot a Pikachu dressed as an archaeologist, represented by both a costumed character and an adorable figure riding an aerodactyl. This archaeologist Pikachu is an original design for the exhibit, originally shown when it first aired in summer 2021.

Pokémon fans interested in an in-depth look at the exhibit’s detailed models, as well as those who just want to see a fossil-digging Pikachu, can grab the Pokémon Fossil Museum at one of its three temporary locations during the year.

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