Fascinating technology

Using state-of-the-art technology, they want to determine what caused the sinkhole at Tierra Amarilla

Other experts will arrive on Monday to contribute to the work.

The sinkhole visible in Tierra Amarilla a few days earlier, which reaches 32 meters in diameter, has generated a Cernejomin investigation which seeks to establish the cause of the sinking and to determine if this event occurred at the Alcaparosa mine in Tierra Amarilla. related to operation. ,

To do this, they work with professionals from various scientific fields to determine what happened. “We have state-of-the-art technology working, on Monday experts from a survey company came to carry out surveys on the surface as well as inside the mine. There are images of the interior (the sinkhole) where there is sedimentary material, the layer we have is 64 meters, it coincides with the depth below and later it must have a different rock quality, but we don’t know exactly how much this layer is,” explained David Montenegro, national director of Sernajomin.

The professional assumes that a series of factors are combined in this type of incident. “We can’t rule anything out, for example, intense rains a few weeks ago, someone said the groundwater was dry, they could have generated a physical drag that caused the collapse and that has been associated with underground excavations”

Regarding the state of the inhabitants of the municipality, he called for calm, because in 2013 an in-depth study of the areas occupied by mining companies was carried out, where it was determined that there were no underground excavations under the commune, only around the areas of. “There was no such act that would have caused the collapse of a house. It was determined and there are studies to review them, there are voices that say that this work can be resumed a new study to be sure and it could be interesting”.

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