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The king’s man is yet another adrenaline-fueled spy thriller set in the Kingsman franchise. This chapter serves as a prequel to the previous films and takes place in the middle of the First World War. With Europe in the throes of conflict, the Kingsman organization is operating in its infancy.

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A work of historical fiction, the film set also includes several real characters like Rasputin, Vladimir Lenin, Mata Hari and Adolf Hitler. So, fans of the film would prefer to play games set in a similar historical period. Other Kingsman tropes like covert organizations and excessive violence can also be found in comparable video games.


Golden eye

GoldenEye 007 Violence in Gameplay

Considered one of the best James Bond games, Golden eye has stood the test of time despite its outdated graphics from the 1990s. Based on the Pierce Brosnan film 007 Golden eye, the 1997 FPS revolves around British espionage against a criminal organization that can use a satellite weapon to destroy London and the global economic market.

The eras may be different, but the game’s protagonist’s ridiculous plot and British charm are on par with The king’s man. Ralph Fiennes’s chatty Orlando Oxford even looks like an old-fashioned James Bond at times.


A NecroVision first person screen with a soldier's hand holding a pistol

NecroVisioN is a first person shooter (FPS) game set during WWI. However, the American protagonist not only has to fight German soldiers, but also supernatural threats like werewolves and vampires. Packed with enough action and thrills, the game makes for an interesting alternate historical horror.

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Like The king’s man also deals with an alternate history of the era, fans would be interested in playing NecroVisioN. Much like the actual events of the film, most of the NecroVisioNThe action also takes place in the Battle of the Somme.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 takes players to the grounds of WWI

While the best Battlefield games are known for their modern conflict, Battlefield 1 goes back in history to define its gameplay in WWI. With an emphasis on teamwork and strategy, players can fight with their regiments in the trenches of the 1910s. What is remarkable is a historic arsenal of bolt-action rifles, flamethrowers, poison gas and many other weapons of the time.

Battlefield 1 would impress fans of The king’s man not only because of a common historical framework, but also because of the emphasis on ancient weapons. Like everyone else Kingsman movie, the latest installment also features a variety of unique guns.


Vovlov sitting in his office at the KGB

Often times, Cold War era games tend to show American action without offering any perspective on the Soviet side. As the title suggests, KGB tries to show a picture of the Russian offensive through the eyes of its secret spy organization. The adventure game involves a political conspiracy within the KGB itself as an agent attempts to uncover corruption among its officials. With its time-limited gameplay and complex decision-making situations, the game is known for its notorious level of difficulty.

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Even though the KGB was not formed during the time of the world war, The king’s manS’s account includes many elements of Soviet policy. The film covers the fall of Tsarism in Russia as well as the Bolshevik revolution under Lenin. So, for those who want to deepen the history of the region, you have to play KGB.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Characters in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

The games of the Assassin’s Creed series are fine examples of historical fiction and Union is no exception. This specific episode takes place in the aftermath of the Second Industrial Revolution, as the titular Assassins attempt to free London from Templar control. A segment of the game also includes World War I with Lydia Frye helping Winston Churchill counter a new enemy spy organization.

The Brotherhood of Assassins and Kingsman share some similarities in the way they operate. The two collectives are involved in major world conflicts and are trying to prevent large-scale destruction. Of course, a Assassin’s Creed game taking place in London would be of additional interest to those who admired The king’s man.

Kingsman: the golden circle

Harry and Eggsy standing in a loading screen for Kingsman The Golden Circle (game)

Inspired by the second Kingsman movie, this mobile game is a free adventure that includes run-and-gun missions with Kingsman Secret Service agents infiltrating enemy bases. At the same time, there is an element of “construction simulator” in the gameplay as players can even build secret bases for the spy organization.

The king’s man is filled with many “video game-like” actions that can lead to some exciting platform games. But so far, with the franchise having received no video game adaptations, this mobile version can be a fun option for casual games.

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman Blood Money Xbox Games with Gold

Continue the adventures of the cloned assassin Agent 47 in the Hitman video game series, The price of blood finds him going against a rival organization called Franchise. The action includes super stealth missions. The protagonist’s international contract agency and the franchise are quite similar in terms of lethal operations. But it all depends on which group will emerge victorious in a race against time. If the franchise gets their hands on the ICA cloning technology, then all hell will break loose.

ACI serves as a necessary evil to balance this context. British officers in The king’s man They may not be as well-known as their counterparts in the ICA, but they employ similar covert tactics to counter the global tyrants they fight against.

Shadow Hearts: Alliance

Rasputin in Shadow Hearts Covenant

Considered a mystical and influential figure in the politics of the Czar era, Grigory Rasputin is one of the most infamous figures in the history of the world. Rasputin is a major antagonist in Shadow Hearts: Alliance. Even though the game is set in 1915 during World War I, the tale is interspersed with several cosmic and supernatural beings. As a German lieutenant strives to protect his city, Rasputin’s mysticism takes its toll.

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The alternate story role-playing game would be a delightful offering for the audience who loved Rhys Ifans’ terrifying portrayal of Rasputin in The king’s man.

Kick-Ass: the game

Kick-Ass fights goons in the street in Kick Ass The Game

While it might not be one of the best licensed video games out there, Kick ass is always a fun adventure for arena style beat’em up players. The game features the titular hero and his allies Hit-Girl and Big Daddy as playable characters to fight crime on the streets. The storyline is slightly different but the game retains the comedic violence of the original film.

Kick ass is a must-have for aficionados of Matthew Vaughn’s filmography. Before Vaughn ran the Kingsman trilogy, he won a lot of praise for his superhero comedy. So if some gamers want a taste of the director’s brand of action comedy, they can give Kick-Ass: The Game a try.

Operator: No one lives forever

Cate Archer holding lipstick bomb in The Operative No One Lives Forever

No one lives forever is an FPS that pays homage to spy fiction from the 1960s. Set around the same time, the protagonist of the game is Cate Archer who works for the British anti-terrorist organization UNITY. Aside from global plots, the game is also known for its satirical elements such as weapons made from everyday items. For example, Archer uses lipsticks which are explosive devices.

The creative use of weapons is similar to conventional weapons in The king’s man like Orlando’s umbrella sword. The satirical take on British spies is also present in the film, albeit from a different time frame.

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