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Visionaries create a new digitized Europe

The winners of 30 Under 30 Technology offer a vision not only of what Europe is, but also of what it has the potential to become.

In a year filled with major challenges for Europe, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine resulting in the ongoing war between the continent’s two largest nations, there is a group of individuals whose vision, tenacity and technological know-how serve as a beacon of hope for building a more sustainable, economically developed and digitally advanced society.

The 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Technology winners have earned their place on the coveted list through a wide range of entrepreneurial initiatives, ranging from payroll processing companies and DevOps automation platforms to neurotech startups and even mobile apps for business. Christian prayers.

The face of this year’s list is native Galician (an autonomous community in western Spain) Ignacio Moreno Pubul, 28, co-founder and vice-president of the fintech platform Capchase. The New York and Madrid-based company, which aims to offer startup founders alternatives to funding by diluting their ownership, announced an $80 million Series B funding round in March this year. To date, it has raised nearly $550 million in total through a combination of equity and debt financing.

Joining him on the list is a former soccer player Jonas Bogh Larsen29, co-founder and CEO of Danish payroll processing company Pento, which raised $53 million from Tiger Global and General Catalyst.

Among the most interesting founder stories is that of Ed Becle, the 23-year-old Thiel Scholar who co-founded and is CEO of the mobile app for Christian prayers and daily worship Glorify. Since its inception, it has gained four million subscribers and raised $84 million from investors like a16z, SoftBank LATAM, Kris Jenner, Michael Ovitz, Michael Bublé and more.

Lilian Breidenbach and Charlotte Kufus29, co-founded Legal OS, a female-led platform that lets lawyers automate attorney-client relationships without having to code, and has raised more than $9 million from investors including Gradient Ventures, the Google’s AI-focused venture capital fund.

The list also includes a former R&D team leader in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Unit 81 intelligence unit. Alon Gubkin25, co-founded Aporia, an end-to-end solution that empowers data science and machine learning teams to instantly gain transparency and explainability for their production ML models, and raised $30 million.

Although historically largely focused on founders, the Technology list sometimes honors a particularly notable non-founder, and this is the case with Alan Chang, chief revenue officer of fintech giant Revolut, which has raised more than $1.7 billion to date. Since joining as the company’s fifth employee, the 28-year-old has held many key operational roles at Revolut, ranging from operations analyst to chief operating officer, vice president and senior vice president.

The country with the most honored citizens on this year’s list is the UK with 12, followed by Germany with seven and Italy with five. Other countries with representatives on the list include Switzerland with three, Israel, Denmark, Russia and the Netherlands with two, and Spain, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the Sri Lanka (although not European by birth, the winner works in Finland) with a .

The youngest winners on this year’s list are Beccle, 23, the aforementioned co-founder of Glorify, and former Red Bull sponsored sailor. Morgan Wirtz from Brussels, who co-founded and is CEO of the money app Rise. Since starting the company two years ago, he has raised a $1.9 million seed round and assembled a team of 20 experts to create a bank for teens, helping them with expenses and savings.

The Forbes Europe 30 Under 30 in Technology list was created from nominations from a variety of sources and reported by Igor BosilkovskyNicola Slawson and Margherita Beale. Four judges reviewed the nominees and selected the winners. This year’s judges are: Martin Mignotpartner of Index Ventures; Pierre Arvaico-founder and executive chairman of Prezi; Jacqueline de Rojas ECB, Chairman of techUK and Chairman of the Board of Digital Leaders; and 2020 Under 30 Victor Riparbellico-founder and CEO of IA Synthesia’s video platform.

The full list of Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2022 technologies can be viewed found here.


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