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Walt Disney Imagineering President Barbara Bouza set to focus on technology and story as she leads the division into the future

Walt Disney Imagineering President Barbara Bouza is poised to take the department into the future with a greater focus on technology, wellness design, immersion, and even the department’s story, as she says. ‘said InPark Magazine recently.

Walt Disney Imagineering

What is happening:

  • At the end of last year, a change of direction of Walt Disney Imagineering saw Barbara Bouza take the reins of Walt Disney Imagineering as President, with Bob Weis stepping into the role once held by Disney legend Marty Sklar, Global Ambassador for Imagineering.
  • In a recent interview with InPark MagazineBarbara shared her vision for the future of this division of the company, focusing on new ways to tell stories, while incorporating the story of Walt Disney Imagineering.
  • Bouza said she will work alongside Weis, who will work extensively with the Archives, adding, “I love this concept of marrying what we do with a real understanding of Imagineering’s rich heritage. I think Bob and I will be able to complement each other. I’m very focused on how we start looking at the future, but also, how do we build on our history? »
  • In the article, she also comments on the Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser, hinting that the level of immersion seen in this new experience is just the beginning of how stories will be told at Disney destinations in the future. The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a simulated cruise to a galaxy far, far away is the long-awaited resort experience immersing guests in a star wars story, with Bouza saying, “You can be like me – maybe I just want to sit down and relax – or you can be like my kids, completely immersed… And the way we interact with a young child can be different from that with an adult. I think you’re going to see a lot more projects based on how we create these stories that are uniquely Disney, where the guest is drawn in to be part of that full experience – everything down to the food, the rooms, the entertainment and the relationship with the characters and with the stories. It’s something that makes us all very, very excited.
Walt Disney Imagineering

Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Another interesting note in the interview is the brief mention of what happened at the Disneyland Park while the park was closed amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Imagineers reportedly performed high-fidelity scans of the parks, essentially turning the park into a digital file that could be used in the design phases. According to Bouza, these digital files allow Imagineers to model potential changes and digitally design with precision, as well as test ways to improve visitor flow in the park. With the scans in hand, this work can be continued without having to shut down attractions for physical analysis or disrupt the customer experience. This technology could also be used to design and create new ways for customers to experience parks and their features more precisely in different locations, suggesting it could even come from their own homes.
  • This effort could also be useful in upcoming changes at Disneyland Park, where Bouza’s experience in wellness designs encourages Imagineers to explore ways to allow guests to decompress or experience a less stimulating environment, while maintaining Disney quality and storytelling in the space. Or even in other ways, with what Bouza calls “connected experience”, adding that “we believe in this idea, where we take the shared experience where you are physically together, but it is fed from a point of digital view. I don’t want to give out too many goodies on Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, but one of the things that drew me in about joining Imagineering was this idea of ​​technology, around the idea of ​​looking at characters in innovative ways, through robotics and other layers. These are layers where we can interact with a guest in new ways. It’s a very smart approach, but also very different from what we’ve done before.
  • When Bouza joined Imagineering in 2019, she met with then-President Bob Weis, who introduced all of the projects in development at Walt Disney Imagineering, and emphasized in her the importance for Imagineering to embrace a different future. , with solutions coming from a wide range of perspectives, telling him “We need to understand what is happening outside the walls of our castle.”
  • Bouza is currently president of Walt Disney Imagineering and leads the division how it moves from Glendale, California to Lake Nona, Florida, just outside Orlando. Bouza said of the upcoming move, “Although relocating a large, creative and highly specialized organization like Imagineering to Lake Nona is a challenge. it is an unprecedented opportunity that will open new doors and create a global platform. We focus on innovation through collaboration.