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Watch Slide Milligan’s First Music Video “Feelin’ Fine”

Half a lifetime ago, Slide Milligan played in an assortment of hard rock bands touring the Australian landscape in the 80s and 90s.

After giving up his “musical dreams” to pursue a rural fencing profession, Slide would occasionally tinker with his slide guitar, gradually writing a collection of songs that weren’t your “usual roots music fare”.

The first song he wrote this way was ‘Feelin’ Fine’ – Slide’s ode to an Australian summer; a country, indie-rock crossover infused with Americana and soulful blues – a mix of classic Aussie pub rock, Waylon Jennings-esque country and a pinch of Pink Floyd psyche.

“‘Feelin’ Fine’ is the first song I’ve written for both guitar and lyrics since working as a full-time rural fencer,” Slide begins.

“Once I bought my first slide guitar and started working full time as a profession, I would tinker around with a few beers every once in a while and this one really came naturally.

“It was good not having group politics, feeling like I needed to ‘succeed’ or caring about what I wanted to write.

“All I thought about was ‘Let’s do an ode to the Australian summer’ even though I was working 12 hour days in the scorching heat.”

With the song released last month, Slide called on family and close friends to come together for a backyard barbie that also served as the set for a “Feelin’ Fine” music video, which Scenestr premiered today. today. Enjoy.

“For the music video, we were going to do a show in my shed in the back of the house, but alas, COVID shattered all those dreams, but I liked it because ultimately I thought “It’s done anyway,” says Slide.

“Why not just bring my family, my loved ones and do what we actually do, a little barbecue, a good conversation, cricket, lots and lots of cans until the neighbors tell us to tone it down, and That’s what we did.”

A song originally written in the blink of an eye nearly a decade ago, ‘Feelin’ Fine’ would have lain dormant had it not been for a chance encounter with Australian expat and freelance impresario Andy Clockwise who happened to be back in the country due to COVID.

“[‘Feelin’ Fine’] took me eight minutes to write and remained eight years in the vault. That being said, it’s amazing to release it into the world and even more amazing that people seem to like it.

“I wanted to make a song that takes me back to my youth in Australia, an 80s Aussie coast with hot fries from a kiosk (do kids know what a kiosk is?) and carefree summer days and balmy nights in small coastal towns.

“Luckily I was doing a fence on Andy Clockwise’s property and he had just returned from LA due to COVID.

“I got him to listen to some of my stuff, the guy is a genius and made that sound I’ve been looking for for years; needless to say I made a deal on the fence ha ha.”