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What’s up with Netflix’s Gorillaz movie? Damon Albarn has our answer

Virtual music group Gorillaz have been pretty productive since returning from hiatus in 2017, their last project being a Netflix movie.


Virtual music group Gorillaz are set to release their own feature film on Netflix, and with the new project in development at the streaming giant, the group’s lead singer and former Blur frontman Damon Albarn has provided an update. on the new business. Something as niche as a movie starring an animated band seems like the kind of project that would have struggled to gain support for a big screen but perfectly suited as a streaming exclusive. While details of the film are still little known, Albarn was able to clarify where they stand in production in an interview with Apple Music.

“I’m in LA because we’re doing a feature film [Gorillaz] film with Netflix. We have a writing session in Malibu. This is something that we have wanted to do for a very long time. He’s had so many incarnations, Gorillaz making a movie. ”

While the news is exciting for fans of the group, who have been waiting to see if the future holds a new release for the group, this is not the first time the group has heard of an ongoing project for television. Four years ago, singer and co-creator Jamie Hewitt revealed that a ten-part TV series is in the works, with the animation style keeping the tone of the band’s music videos and digital appearance on stage, so As this series never really came to fruition, it’s unlikely that a Netflix movie and TV series will both be on the cards.


Gorillaz’s origin dates back over thirty years, when Damon Albarn and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett met in 1990, and although they seemed to hate each other, they ended up sharing an apartment. By watching MTV and deciding that there was no substance on the channel, the idea for Gorillaz was born. The first outing under the Gorillaz name came in 2000, with Albarn revealing that the band allowed him to experiment with sounds and musical genres he couldn’t venture into with Blur, which had its own Brit sound. pop.

The group continued to make sporadic outings and even embarked on a tour, where the characters appeared on giant screens. In 2009, a documentary directed by Ceri Levy on the history of the group between 2000 and 2006 was released under the related title of Banana. After a third and fourth studio album released in 2010, the Gorillaz went on hiatus thanks to a fallout between the creators around 2012, though they both said when the time came, the Gorillaz would return. This comeback came in 2017 with the album Humanz, and was followed in 2018 with The now now.

The next project saw the group push the boundaries again and venture into new territory with Singing machine, a unique web series that saw each song come out as an “episode” with one release each month starting in January 2020, which is as close to the previously announced TV series as we’ve ever had. The ninth and final episode was released in December 2020, but was followed in 2021 with a boxed release for the 20th anniversary of their first six albums, and in August they released three new tracks. In September, Albarn revealed that he had recorded a new Gorillaz song that will be part of a new Latin-influenced album to be released in 2022. Will the new film have a connection to the album or be- self-contained during a subsequent release? unclear but with the project only at the start of development, it’s more likely that we’ll see the movie arrive sometime in 2023.


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