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Which Marvel villains will appear in the new movie?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to evolve in fascinating ways, especially now that they’ve started opting for standalone TV shows or specials to bring iconic stories to life. One of the first projects announced as a Disney+ TV series was Armor Warsan adaptation of Iron Man comic arc of the same name – but as revealed this week, it’s getting a remix. Instead of a six-episode TV show, Armor Wars is now set to be a theatrically released movie, which will star Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine, and will be written by Yassir Lester.

There are many things that have remained a mystery about Armor Wars in time since it was originally greenlit, and now that it’s officially headed to the big screen, it begs the question of what bigger impact the current movie might have on the larger MCU. In particular – especially given how the original “Armor Wars” played out in the comics – which Marvel villains could potentially appear? Here are some possibilities.

justin hammer

As more supporting characters return to new MCU projects, a fan favorite is at the top of fans’ minds – Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer, who last appeared in iron man 3. There have already been claims to see Hammer appear in Love at first sightand whether it ends up happening or not, Armor Wars It always seems like an obvious way for him to come back, as he’s been one of the main catalysts for Tony Stark’s tech falling into the wrong hands in the comics.

master spy

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

Another catalyst for this inciting incident is Spymaster, who stole Tony’s technology and sold it to Hammer. A master of industrial espionage, Spymaster hasn’t made his debut in the MCU yet – but he’d be a perfect way to flesh out the show’s world, as well as the other black market ideas we’ve gotten from projects like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Doctor Doom


Of course, one of the most prominent names to consider in the “Armor Wars” comic is Doctor Doom, whom Tony initially believes was responsible for stealing his technology. Although this does not end up being the case, he becomes involved in Iron Man: Armored Adventures‘ adaptation of the arc, and has faced Tony in the past. With an ever-increasing number of rumors surrounding Doom’s impending arrival in the MCU, a new cinematic Armor Wars would be one of the most unique places for him to appear.

The Punisher


Although Frank Castle’s connection to the Iron Man mythos is relatively new, it is certainly memorable, as he received the War Machine armor following the events of secret empire. Frank ends up donning the mantle – albeit with his own violent twist – for a time, before he’s returned to a newly resurrected Rhodey. Like Doctor Doom, there’s no shortage of rumors about when and how Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle might properly appear in the MCU, and it would certainly create unique conflict for Rhodey in the film if he were to gain the War Machine armor.


(Picture: Marvel Comics)

A costume coat that ends up being tied to the events of “Armor Wars” is Firepower, which is developed by Tony’s rival, Edwin Cord, in an effort to create a new armored super-soldier. Once Tony’s tech started rolling out into the world, Project Firepower was refocused on trying to completely stop Iron Man – a conflict that could play out epically in the movie. Plus, this original armor would be fascinating to see translated into live action.

Man on stilts

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

One of the weirdest (and arguably best) names tied to “Armor Wars,” Stilt-Man is originally a Daredevil villain with a metal suit outfitted with stilts, allowing him to change its size to ridiculous degrees. The character has become a bit of a fan favorite thanks to his visual absurdity, and has also crossed paths with Tony more recently in the current Iron Man Course. If we’re going to show the possibilities of Tony’s technology impacting other costumed weirdos, Stilt-Man is one of the most memorable ways to do it.


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