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Why BioShock Fans Might Want To Check Out The Epic Games Store City of Brass Free Game

Every week, Epic Games’ digital storefront gives gamers the chance to play at least one free game, with titles ranging from lesser-known indie titles to some fan-favorite AAA options. The Epic Games Store is a great way for gamers to discover games they might otherwise have overlooked, as are subscription services like Xbox Games Pass, which provides a large library of varied releases that allows gamers to easier access to many different titles. . March has already seen some great free titles on the Epic Games Store like In the sound mind and Demon’s Tiltbut it’s next city ​​of brass that fans of BioShock might want to keep an eye on.


The single-player first-person dungeon crawler doesn’t seem to have much in common with the foundational sci-fi series, but city ​​of brass‘publisher and developer Uppercut Games is made up of veteran former employees of 2K Australia who worked on both BioShock and BioShock 2. There are also other links between the two, and now that city ​​of brass will be free on the Epic Games Store from March 31 to April 7, players can try the game for themselves.

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A world of magic and chaos


city ​​of brass may not have made a big splash when it released in 2018, but there’s plenty about the title to recommend it. The Arabian Nights-inspired rogue-lite lets players explore the streets of an opulent metropolis as they battle skeletal enemies and other dangers. There are traps around every corner as players navigate the spike-laden hallways and alleys, armed with a scimitar to hack and slash obstacles and enemies, or other weapons like a crossbow for more of FPS action. Players also wield a whip that allows them to swing around their surroundings, pull objects or antagonists towards them, or interact with their surroundings in interesting ways while solving puzzles and clearing the streets of monsters.

Players may want to spend their time exploring the beautiful environments filled with hidden wonders and spooky enemies, but waiting too long will have consequences. city ​​of brass has a timer, much like the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time mechanic that slowly drains as players complete each level, and if it runs out, they’ll be engulfed in a sandstorm and plagued by fiery enemies. city ​​of brass also has an interesting genie mechanic, with these mythical beings serving as merchants, healers, or even wish-givers who can remove all of a level’s many traps in addition to other useful endeavors.

Why BioShock fans should give it a shot


An Arabic-inspired hack-and-slash might not seem like an obvious counterpart to BioShockdystopian undersea adventure, but there are some surprising similarities. Both BioShock and city ​​of brass follow a stranger who enters a once great city that has now descended into chaos after a violent uprising, with players exploring its crumbling grandeur. In both titles, the location is really the main character, and the game designs do a lot of work when it comes to story and atmosphere. The first-person action is also an easy point of comparison, as players fight swarms of enemies running headlong at them through claustrophobic close quarters environments.

BioShock and city ​​of brass are challenging, with fast-paced combat and features that help increase the game’s overall tension like city ​​of brass‘ timer and BioShockflirts with horror. BioShockThe protagonist of may be more of a clueless pawn in their adventure, but city ​​of brass‘ the main characters are there of their own free will as they search for the treasures that the eponymous city conceals despite its many dangers. city ​​of brass may explore different themes, feature contrasting aesthetics, and have different core gameplay, but there’s something reminiscent of the BioShock series, and fans who crave the unsettling atmosphere of a ramshackle metropolis filled to the brink with things that want to kill them should definitely check it out. city ​​of brass.

city ​​of brass is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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