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YouTube Music’s summer recap is now here and ready to share

As summer draws to a close, YouTube Music shows users exactly which songs, artists, and albums they’ve been listening to in recent months.

youtube music has now added a summer recap for users to view. This isn’t the first time the music app has done a seasonal recap like this. Earlier this year, a spring recap of YouTube Music was released. At the time, Google confirmed that it would start making recaps available for each season in the future.

Apart from its now seasonal recaps, YouTube Music also provides users with insight into their music habits through an annual recap. Of course, YouTube Music isn’t the only music service to do so, with the whole “year in review” widely kicked off by Spotify and its annual Spotify Wrapped campaign. Be it Spofity or YouTube Music, these music streaming services make it super easy for users to share their recaps with others.


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YouTubeMusic Summer recap aims to show listeners their best musical moments from the summer of 2022, in the hopes that they share them with their friends. The recap will include each user’s personal listening history while displaying this summer’s top songs on the US and international YouTube charts. This included songs such as “Kate Bush”Run up that hill” The future “EXPECT», and at the top: Bad Bunny’s «Tweety Me Pregunto.” To view a user’s summary, search for the “The summer recap is here» map at the top of the home page and click on it. The summer recap can also be found under “Your summary” after clicking on the personal profile avatar in the upper right corner followed by “Your channel.”

What the summer recap includes

The recap will include the user’s top five songs, albums, musicians, and playlists that have been played from May 30, 2022 to present. In addition to the recap, YouTube Music creates their own Summer Recap playlist for each user based on their best listens. This playlist will include 50 songs, all based on the last months of music listening. Every aspect of the recap is available to share on other forms of social media, so users can share their musical tastes this summer with the world. Just click on the share icon and choose on which social network to share the card.

At the end of the summer, it will be interesting to remember popular songs throughout the summer and what everyone has been listening to for the past few months. Considering youtube music allows users to easily share their recaps and playlists on social media, expect to see some popping up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook soon.

Source: Youtube