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Zeal & Ardor share intriguing new track “Golden Liar”

Zeal & Ardor share an intriguing new track

To support their upcoming release in February 2022, Zeal and Ardor have released another track, this time titled “Golden Liar”. the song, is structured as a negation, establishing a premise and proclaiming that they are the opposite. There are many poetic lines that contribute to the refrain of being “a golden liar”, such as the line “Do you call honesty, because I lie, my friend.” The Oxymoronic chrous is sung progressively louder after each verse, until in the song’s finale the lyrics are called out. Frontman Manuel Gagneux deals with heavy themes, something he wants to convey in the song with thumping drums and slow guitar riffs. It is also combined with a hum and harmonization, as well as barely readable whisper additions to the verses. All of these come to a violent conclusion in the end of the song in an intense final chorus.

This is the 5th song from the upcoming self-titled album, after “Bow”, “Götterdämmerung”, “Built on Ashes” and “Erase”. Zeal and Ardor is an American-Swiss metal band that incorporates African-American spirituals and traditions into their music. They also released an EP in October 2020 titled “Wake Of A Nation” Zeal and Ardor will be looking to expand their sound even more on this upcoming album. With many more songs released in support of the album centering on rage, as well as the energetic ending to “Golden Liar,” fans can look forward to an exhilarating release in February 2022.